The Final Decision


This is The Final Decision

“The Final Decision” (TFD) is a film, that is produced inside of the computer game Grand Theft Auto V. This film continues the story of Felix Baker, who has been introduced in previous short films. Unlike the previous short movies, this film is going to have dialogues and is going to be a feature film. Release dates as well as crew & cast information and are only preliminary as the script is still being written and TFD is in early pre-production. We appreciate every kind of support, whether you wait and watch the movie or support us on patreon or follow us on social media! Every small bit helps us a lot. More information can be found on our IMDb page.

Plasmid Films has been founded in the late 2016 by Fabian Siebecke and other students, who were interested in making films. The first bigger project from Plasmid Films was the 5 episode Web-Series The Good Evil. This was a fan-film/series about the Harry Potter franchise, but with own characters and storyline. More information can be found on the IMDb link. After the good evil, Plasmid Films produced a short film called You Matter and then a few GTA V short films. They are currently working on a feature film made in GTA.

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